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Estate Planning and Living Trust



Five-star service to clients requires accessibility and responsiveness.  


My clients have my home, office and cell phone numbers, and know they can call just about any reasonable time from 7 AM 'til 9 PM, Pacific Time. They can also email or text me, and I take both my cell phone and my laptop (with access to my notes and your documents) on vacations so I can deal with client questions.


Doctors No Longer Make House Calls, But This Living Trust Lawyer Does


While I do most of our planning from our home office, I frequently go to the home or office of a client, a client's children, or a a client's advisor, to plan or explain strategies.  I dedicate myse to make it as easy as possible for you to get the planning and answers you want, when you want them.


I keep flexible hours, and can meet with you on weekends or during evening hours.


Even after your planning is complete and your documents signed, I remain available to answer questions by phone, normally with no additional charges.  

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