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"Estate Planning for Apartment Owners - New Laws Shift Focus to Income and Property Tax Savings," APARTMENT OWNERS ASSOCIATION NEWS. CLICK HERE TO READ ONLINE 


PLANNING FOR THE AFFLUENT (co-author), Aspen Publishers


“The Home Security Trust - Better than a QPRT on Steroids,” TRUSTS & ESTATES


“Creative Use of IRC Section 501(c)15 Insurance Companies for Closely Held Businesses and Professional Corporations,” CONSPECTUS CURRENT


“Sale to a Defective Trust - A Life Insurance Technique” CONSPECTUS CURRENT


“Interstate Banking: Something Old, Something New, Something Blue” Western Independent Banker


“Guidelines May Justify Lower Reserves” AMERICAN BANKER


“How to Cope with Tougher Exams and Enforcement Actions” AMERICAN BANKER


“Internal Rules Can Thwart Insider Trading” AMERICAN BANKER


“When Will Loans to Employer from Employee Trusts Not Be a Prohibited Transaction?” 40 Journal of Taxation


“California's Expanded Close-Corporation Exemption and the Lawyer's Role Thereunder” California State Bar Journal


“Loans to Employer Corporations from Section 401 Trusts” 49 Los Angeles Bar Bulletin 62





“Using Private Placement Variable Life Insurance as an Income Tax Favored Investment Vehicle ‑ Creative Private Placement Funding Strategies” Institute for International Research Family Office Forum, Palm Beach, FL


“Beyond ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ - Joint Trusts for Married Trustmakers” National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys Collegium, Tucson, AZ


"Beyond the Living Trust(sm)" seminars, thoughout Southern California


“Strategies for Wealth Accumulation and Preservation after the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997” American Association of Independent Investors, Los Angeles, CA


“Integrating Transfer and Income Tax Planning Through International Insurance” a program for money managers and CPAs, Four Seasons Hotel, Los Angeles, CA


“Charitable Planning Beyond the Living Trust (sm) - Using Charitable Giving Strategies to Preserve and Enhance Family Wealth” American Cancer Society, American Heart Association and Multiple Sclerosis Society, Los Angeles and Rancho Mirage, CA


“Fundamental Principles for Estate Planning Attorneys” Northern California Forum of National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys, San Francisco, CA


“Planning for Retirement Plan Distributions in Community Property States” National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys Collegium, La Jolla, CA


“Strategies for Bankers -- Appropriate Responses to Regulatory Pressures" Dialog 1988, Western Independent Bankers/Conference of State Bank Supervisors, Coronado, CA


“The Interstate Banking Game,” Conference of Financial Executives, San Francisco, CA


“Directors Liabilities & Responsibilities,” Presidents & Senior Officers Seminar, San Francisco, CA


“Protecting Directors & Officers From Liability,” Independent Bankers Association of Southern California, Palm Springs, CA


“Capital Formation for Banks & Protecting Directors & Officers From Liability,” Western Independent Bankers Association, San Francisco, CA


“How to Organize a Financial Institution,” guest lecturer and chairman of extension programs for University of California at San Diego, University of Southern California & Golden Gate University


“Permissible Activities Under the Bank Holding Company Act,” 7th Annual Banking Law Institute, Boston, MA


“New Insider Lending Rules & Other Provisions of FIRREA,” Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (Examiners Seminar), San Francisco, CA.

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