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Truly Personal Care from a Dedicated Estate Planning Lawyer

    A very well-known estate planning attorney we know tells other lawyers that they cannot make a lot of money unless they have someone else draft for them. He is probably correct. But, I do not aspire to be the estate planning lawyer who makes the most money – I aspire to provide the highest level of personal service, planning and documents for our clients.


    Therefore, I  usually do all your drafting myself (and, if someone helps with the first draft, I review the documents before presenting them for signature).  You get BOTH the estate planning and the drafting (of Living Trusts and other strategies) from an AV Preeminent Estate Planning lawyer and Living Trust Lawyer.


    Consequently, nothing is lost in translation between the estate planning lawyer who meets with you to understand your desires, concerns and financial situation (me), and the lawyer who does the estate planning for you (me), and the lawyer who researches relevant legal issues (me), and the lawyer who analyzes strategies that might fit your needs (me), and the Living Trust lawyer/estate planning lawyer who does the drafting (me) of your Living Trust and other documents, and the lawyer who explains the documents before you sign them (me). None of that work is farmed out or delegated to junior lawyers or paralegals.


    Spending this much time may not be the way to make Hinda and I rich.  But, we both believe that it is the only way to give our clients the very best Family Wealth Strategies (sm), Living Trusts and other documents that will reflect Estate Planning that truly meets your goals.    

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